Tai Chi/Qigong Class (Ongoing Event)

Tai Chi & Chi Kung (Qigong): Team taught by Dr Thomas Cummings & Stuart Holloway. Both teachers will be present at the inaugural class, and they will alternate teaching every Saturday so you can get the benefit of two very experienced teachers by coming weekly. Tai Chi Chuan is an ancient Chinese system of mental and physical development and martial art.  It consists of learning 'forms' that are series of graceful movements involving the entire body  and practiced in a very slow and mindful manner.  The movement, breath, and attention are coordinated to integrate the mind and body.  Regular practice results in peace of mind, clarity, fluid movement, increased balance, grace, strength and suppleness.  This movement based meditation can cultivate many of the same benefits as meditation (see: http://bit.ly/KenPopeMeditationResearch) Chi Kung (Qigong) is very similar to Tai Chi, except it involves simpler movements coordinated with the breath and attention making it easier to achieve a meditative state and to clear out and activate energy channels known as meridians in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Dr Cummings studied and taught Yang Style and Chen Village Style Tai Chi since 1980 from the Chen Man Ching lineage of Master Liao and David Mishlove.  He is a clinical psychologist who was a professor of various classes for many years so his teaching skills have been refined over several decades.  Stuart Holloway has been practicing Qigong and Tai Chi since 1993.  He is certified to teach Eight Treasures Qigong since 1994; check out www.InnergyCentreLLC.com.