Gloria Hamada, DC, CCN, IFMCP

IFM Functional Medicine Certified Practitioner, Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist and Licensed Doctor of Chiropractic

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Gloria Hamada, DC, CCN, IFMCP

IFM Functional Medicine Certified Practitioner, Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist and

Licensed Doctor of Chiropractic

Dr. Hamada’s journey of education and service as a health practitioner resonates with Thomas Edison’s vision of healthcare when he said, “The doctor of the future will give no medicine but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet and in the cause and prevention of disease”.

Aligned with that vision, she brings over 25 years of combined clinical and health consulting experience, tending to the human frame and helping clients reclaim their health with personalized and targeted wellness plans to include nutritional, dietary and lifestyle recommendations.

Dr. Hamada understands that health is not defined by the mere absence of disease, and true health is not created by the suppression of symptoms with a “pill for the ill” approach. Instead she helps you to discover the underlying root cause of your health concerns. You do not have pain because you are deficient in NSAIDs, or depression because you are deficient in           anti-depressants. Instead, such symptoms are likely to have a biochemical, nutritional, structural, dietary, stress and/or lifestyle component that is out of balance. The body is amazing at healing when interference is removed and it is given what it needs to do so.

Trusting that you know your body best and when something feels “off”, Dr. Hamada provides a space and the time needed so you can share and explore your health concerns and goals fully. Additionally, her tool box includes incorporating an extensive case history, lab review, nutritionally focused physical exams, and specific functional lab testing (ie: food intolerance/allergy; digestive function; genomic; nutrient and oxidative stress status; leaky gut/SIBO; cardiovascular/diabetic; adrenal stress panels, etc.) when needed to better assess any underlying imbalances and to further personalize your wellness plan.

Wellness oriented chiropractic alignments and other physical modalities are available to her functional medicine clients. 

One of Dr. Gloria’s patients shared: “Dr. Gloria treated me as an individual patient, taking a thorough history not only medically, but as whole person. She takes into consideration my opinion, it’s more of a partnership than the Western model of doctor telling patient what to take or do. She listens to me, takes into consideration my wants, needs, and my individual DNA make- up. She explains everything in a way I can understand. I feel better as a whole, I have more energy. I am better equipped to take care of my family because I am taking care of myself. Through tests recommended by Dr. Gloria, in conjunction with my genetic predispositions based on my on DNA, multiple food allergies and vitamin/mineral deficiencies were found. We are working together to correct those and my health has improved more in the last 4 months than it has in the last 7 years since my initial diagnosis. I also like how she works with your conventional medicine doctors to help you achieve optimal health.”

You can reach Dr. Hamada @ (808) 222-8199 to schedule an appointment.