GMO Crops Depleted of Nutrients

We know that GMO crops contain multiple toxins linked to birth defects, infertility, cancer, DNA mutations and cell death, but did you know that the herbicide used on GMO crops also depletes vital nutrients?  Genetically modified crops are mutated to resist Monsanto's herbicides and pesticides so that they can be heavily covered with the chemicals and continue to grow while all other plant life around them dies.  Super resistant weeds have popped up, of course, forcing stronger and greater quantities of chemicals to be used.  Multiple studies now link the use of these herbicides to a depletion of nutrients and a catastrophic plant disease.  Catastrophic sounds a bit dramatic, but in this case I think it is an appropriate adjective.  Glyphosate, the main compound in Monsanto's herbicide, chelates and depletes important minerals including magnesium, zinc, iron, calcium and more.  In plants and in people, mineral deficiencies can go unchecked and untreated....until the organism (human or plant) can no longer maintain homeostasis and disease manifests.  Over 135 million pounds of glyphosate herbicides were used in 2010.  Consider this amount plus all the previous years of use and we have a potentially serious nutrient depletion in plants, animals and humans.  Many herbicide sprayed GMO crops and crops planted in fields previously treated with glyphosate are all of the sudden turning yellow and dying.  It's called SDS, or sudden death syndrome.  It's thought that the glyphosate is slowly changing the nutrient and soil conditions, chelating necessary minerals and promoting pathogenic soil organisms.  The plants grow seemingly fine at first, until conditions reach critical maximum, and the entire crop spontaneously dies.  As a naturopathic physician, I see parallel trends in nature and patients.  So often the patients says, "I've been eating this way for a long time and I'm just now getting (fill in the blank disease condition)".  A slow burn of nutrient depletion and struggle to maintain health and homeostasis amidst continuous bombardment of toxic substances eventually overtakes the body and symptoms manifest.  The human body's ability to heal itself when barriers to health are removed still amazes and inspires me.  Of course there is always a point of no return.  Let's hope our planet does not reach that point.