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Dr. Thomas Cummings, PhD
Licensed Clinical Psychologist


Mindfulness-Based Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Positive Psychology Mindfulness refers to a presence of mind characterized by clear, nonjudgmental awareness of our thoughts and feelings in real time.  Ultimately, through the practice of mindfulness-based meditation and other practices, we can reach a higher level of consciousness that promotes an unfettered decision-making that aligns our behavior with our goals and highest aspirations. Positive Psychology, a relatively new field in Clinical Psychology, investigates the thought processes and content of people who are genuinely happy.  Curiously, happiness is not about money, success, nor fame.  Nor does marriage or having children ensure long-term happiness.  It turns out that happy people make for happy marriages, and happy parents, not the other way around.  Determinants of happiness can be grouped into five domains:  1) Healthy relationships; 2) Living ‘The Good Life’, i.e. engaging in activities that one really enjoys; 3) Living “A Good Life”, or a ‘life well lived’.  That is, living according to one’s principles and values, and contributing in some way to society or nature; 4) Thought Content, i.e. what we think about; and 5) Thought Processes, i.e. how we think and how we interpret what happens to us, others, and the world, and the meaning we derive or ‘make’ out of it.  Dr. Cummings’ approach involves the therapeutic application of cutting-edge research on Happiness.  Mindfulness based psychotherapy sheds light upon, and helps us let go of, what we think about and how we think.  Cognitive and Behavioral techniques are employed to facilitate the conscious cultivation of happiness, gratitude, and peace of mind.

Much of our unhealthy behavior is compulsive; it is driven by semi-conscious obsessions, suppressed fears, chronic worrying, anger, resentment, and defensiveness.  We compulsively eat, drink, shop, or control others in an attempt to soothe or avoid these unresolved feelings.  In short, we do these things mindlessly, then beat ourselves up for doing them…then we feel worse so we do them again.  Distorted thinking perpetuates the cycle, limiting our options and rationalizing our maladaptive behaviors.  Years of conditioning through criticism and negativity, by our parents and society in general, foster anxiety and depression.  Anxiety and depression lead to chronic anger, stress-related physical problems, fatigue, and relationship failures.

Mindfulness-Based Psychotherapy (combined with other, more conventional psychotherapeutic approaches such as CBT, Existential, Humanistic, and psychodynamic) is the antidote to such limited thinking and compulsive behavior.  Applied Positive Psychology re-conditions our minds through the cultivation of gratitude and happiness.  Dr Thomas Cummings integrates mindfulness-based psychotherapy, CBT, and positive psychology with your personal spiritual/religious belief system to facilitate wise decision-making that leads you to your highest aspirations.

Licensed Clinical Psychologist M.S. Neurobiology Former President, Hawaii Psychological Association (currently: Clinical Rep HPA) Yoga Alliance RYT - 200

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