Shen School of Spiritual Tai Chi

Daniel Lev, Ph.D. – Instructor

“Tai Chi” is a spiritual, health, and gently powerful martial arts practice.  It was born centuries ago in Taoist monasteries and in the homes of several wise families in the provinces of old China.  Another practice of internal growth, developed over the centuries, is called “Chi Gung.”  Both of these arts provide you two holistic ways to cultivate a life of physical and psychological balance.  As you engage in them over time, you’ll become more connected to your body and to the world around you.  The practice of Tai Chi and Chi Gung also embodies within you a powerful sense of calm.

The word “Shen” means “Heart Mind” and is often translated as “thought, emotion, and spirit.”  The Tai Chi and Chi Gung taught at the Shen School is grounded in the philosophical roots of this form of spiritual Taoism.  This tradition advocates spontaneity and the interconnectedness of in all things and empowers you to gently move your mind, body and spirit through the flow of life.

Dr Daniel Lev founded the School so that you can learn to use Tai Chi as a way to fulfill your personal goal, whether it’s to pursue a new direction in your life, increase your physical abilities, improve your health, or learn a martial art.  Along with physical exercise, you will have the opportunity to learn some of the mind/body and spiritual principles that underlie Tai Chi and Chi Gung.  The classes are open to everyone - all are welcome to come and learn.  The movements are appropriate and safe for most people.

Class Schedule

 Please contact the Instructor, Daniel Lev,

at 808-633-6569 or email